Thursday, 10 August 2017

Public release of 0.4.10

Hi all,

Normally the public version of Newlife is always a release behind the Patreon version. However, after consulting with my patrons we've decided to make an exception this time. As such, 0.4.10 is now public – you can download it from the links to the right as usual. The changelog is here.

The main change for 0.4.10 was support for user submissions. Making this public now means any non-patrons who are interested in writing for the game can start their scenes earlier, and that'll benefit everyone – patron or otherwise.
If you're a public-version player and you submit a scene that I add to the game then make sure to let me know that you aren't on the patreon version – it wouldn't be fair for you to have to wait to see your own scene in the game, so I'll PM you the early-access version.

To see the user submissions documentation go to the additional_scenes/documentation folder in the Newlife release.

If you have questions about Newlife submissions or want to get feedback on an idea for a scene then a good starting point is the Newlife Discord, kindly set up by the awesome FutureSight.